Terms & Conditions

Terms of trade  Superstorage.pl :

  1. The Owner of the shop "SUPERSTORAGE.PL" is the company: COMSET SA, with registered headquarters at Okulickiego 66 street, 31-637 Kraków; 351090497 Registration Court, District Court for Krakow-Nowa Huta in Krakow, dept. XI KRS KRS No 0000034946. Initial capital PLN 500,000
  2. The products we offer are intended solely for companies and institutions, hereinafter referred to as the Client. Through the internet sales platform "www.superstorage.pl" we do not do consumer sales within the meaning of the Act of 30 May 2014. Consumer Rights (Dz. U. of 2014. Pos. 827). At the same time, the Parties exclude the supplier's liability under the warranty for physical defects of goods. Article 558 § 1 of the Civil Code.
  3. The posted prices on our website www.superstorage.pl:
    a.     Are gross prices - includes VAT of 23%
    b.     Are only an invitation to a contract within the meaning of Article 71 of the Civil Code
    c.     Are not an offer within the meaning of Article 61 of the Code of Civil
    d.     Can be changed at anytime.  If this change applies to the products ordered by the customer, he is informed about this change and has the right to cancel the order.
  4. The procedure for purchasing goods in the store is as follows:
    a.     Based on information about the goods placed in the store, the buyer selects the goods, whose purchase is interested and places ​​a pre-order for this item
    b.     In reply to pre order there is sent to the Buyer by e-mail automatically generated  by the system response about the received order.
    c.     By accepting the information received from the computer system the Buyer shall submit a final order, which is an offer in the meaning of Article 66 § 1 of the Civil Code, and expresses the will of the sales contract of indicated by him product under the terms described on the page www.superstorage.pl.
    d)     Contract is entered upon receipt by the Buyer via e-mail confirmation of the execution the final order as referred in subsection c above
    e)      If it is impossible to confirm the order because  of the fault of the buyer (eg, an incorrect phone number, address)  within 5 working days the order will be canceled.
    f) Seller reserves the right to refuse an order outside the European Union.
  5. In case of unavailability of the goods covered by the initial order, buyer is informed of the situation before making the final order as referred in section 4 subpoint c.  In this case, the buyer may place a final order only to the products available, agree to extend the delivery time or entirely cancel the purchase
  6. We have got limited stock for promotion products so order will be accapted on a first come first served basis.
  7. For each order VAT invoice is issued. VAT invoice is issued when all ordered items are completed and ready for shipment.
  8. Buyer cannot modify the final order and cannot cancel final orders.
  9.  The price given is binding the Parties from the receipt of the acknowledgment by the Buyer to carry out his final order, in accordance with section  4,  subpoint c and d above.
  10. Seller has the right to change prices of goods in the shop, to add new products to the store and cancel promotion on our website or make changes. These changes do not affect the final order accepted for carry out in accordance with section 4 ,  subsection c and d above.
  11. On the territory of The European Union we send the products via courier service within 48 hours after payment. Lead times referred to above may be extended if the Buyer agreed to this in accordance with section 4 of the Regulations. Delivery time is extended by bank holidays and Saturdays. Seller is not responsible for delays caused by random reasons in accordance with relevant records of transport law. All shipments are delivered by courier services on the cost of the Buyer. The cost of shipping service for the Republic of Poland is  20.00 zł net, for shipment to other European Union countries or if the weight of the goods exceeds the 25 kg cost of shipment  is defined individually. 
  12. Customers can choose the following forms of payment for ordered goods:
    a.     advance payment by bank transfer
    b.     net payment (only for customers with a valid credit limit)
  13. According to the Act of 2 March 2000 on the protection of consumer rights and liability for damage caused by a dangerous product (Journal of Laws of 2000 No. 22 pos. 271, as amended.) Buyer being a consumer is entitled to withdraw the contract of sale without giving reasons, by making a statement in writing, within 10 days from the date of delivery. The right of withdrawal does not have the consumer in the cases:
    a.    regarding the audio and video recordings, and recorded data ,after  the removal of their original packaging,
    b.     contracts for services for which the price depends entirely on the price movements on the financial market
    c.     benefits with characteristics specified by the consumer in his order or closely related with his person,
    d.    benefits, which by their nature can not be returned or whose subject is perishable,
  14.  Goods in relation to which Buyer withdrew from contract in accordance with point 14, must be returned to the Seller in the same state, namely that how looked at the time of receipt from the seller, unless the change was necessary in the ordinary management. Goods should be returned together with the received invoice with filled part "return". After the return notification, customer receives an RMA number which should be placed on the consignment. The money will be refunded by bank transfer to account specified by the customer. The cost of returning the goods bears the purchaser.
  15. Acceptance of the goods is the moment of receipt of goods from the COMSET’s warehouse, and in the case of shipment is the moment when the good are given to carrier who deals with  the carriage of goods of this kind (art. 544 § 1 of the Civil Code). By sending the goods to the customer, COMSET S.A. provides a way of packaging and carriage corresponding to characteristics of goods in particular its integrity (according to art. 545 § 1 of the Civil Code).
  16. Responsibility for damaged goods after pickup rests on the carrier. Required before any claim against the carrier is to write down in the presence of an employee of the carrier "Complaint Protocol"
  17.  All goods purchased in the www.superstorage.pl store are covered by manufacturer's warranty. Seller does not manufacture the products presented in the store. Warranty claims must be reported to service company specified in the attached to the product guarantee document and under the terms posted there. If there is no indication in the warranty of the service company to which to deliver a defective product, the product can be delivered to the address of the Seller. Each RMA shipment must include a copy of the warranty card or a proof of purchase and description of fault. If you do not provide these documents Seller reserves the right to refuse the Warranty Repair
  18. The seller is responsible to the consumer for non-conformity of the goods purchased in the shop with consumer sales contract in the range of indicated in the Act of 27 July 2002 on special conditions of consumer sale and amendments to the Civil Code (Journal of Laws of 2002 No 141 item 1176).
  19. In the event of a claim referred to the point 18, Buyer shall deliver the faulty product to the address of seller: COMSET SA , Ul. Łutnia 7, 30-799 Krakow
  20. Seller reserves the right to change the Rules at any time. Changes to the Terms are valid from the moment of their inclusion on the website www.superstorage.pl and apply only to sales contracts concluded after making the changes.